Mindless memories, swallowing love

Pain and insecurities wrestling my moods

Day-by-day the dread of living, looms

Trusting anyone is out of the question

Love isn’t worth the cost if another betrayal

Punching through the dark days

One step at a time, seemingly dull

Not caring at all anymore, for anyone

Bewildered that love always floats on by me

Making the transition back to myself

Prepared to be alone in loving life again

Crowded in my memories

Sifting through the ashes, rising like a phoenix

Looking beyond horizon, not ready to fly

Changed, but forever scarred, again and again

Paranoid delusions shrouded in reality

Come and love me fully, I dare you to try

Traumatized by loves lies and deceit

Count on my guard being up and constant

To the takers and the haters

The cheaters and the manipulators

I see your game and I raise it

Men have come and men have gone

Who will be the one to understand

Bear my burdens and share the load

Who will stay and be my forever

Through the ups and downs to come

Wanting nothing more than to be released

From hurtful memories into his infinite love

The protector of my heart who will guard it

Keep it from harm and endures the fight

Come to me my love

Be my eternal destiny

©Wendy Poole

August 5, 2013