What’s on my mind? Hmmm…..well I woke up and I have a tummy ache since 1AM and hellish heartburn. Went to take some baking soda water and saw ALL my pain pills and herbal sleep aids still sitting on the counter. DUH! No wonder I’m wide awake! I get to try and finish things for the realtors to take pics by 4:45PM today, Thursday. My daughter readied the front yard and patio. I need to use the leaf blower still. Have to use oil absorber in the driveway and move everything off of it. HAHAAAA!!! Any volunteers? No? Same shit, different day. All my fairweather “friends.” Reality check ✔✔ I ran into a HUGE issue tiling bathroom shower with depth of the faucet controls. They were sticking out WAY too far. Better before to find out than after tiling it! I was happy I found the matching tiles on the cheap! I guess selling has pushed me to fix everything now, tile, and paint. I cry a LOT. So, I had to tear off 6-8 tiles and drywall to chisel the wood behind the controls, brace them down tightly, and lower the copper spigot fitting with flux and soldering (plumbing techniques), and burned 2 left fingers on a blow torch’s blue flame in the process!! Way to go Einstein!  I dropped pieces and tools between the walls that I had to fish out with a coat hanger. FUUUUUU!!!!  I cried for an hour and wrapped it in aluminum foil. I’ll survive with my burn spray and will to hustle. Today, I go again! I’ll tape and float the new drywall and begin tiling again, grout the shower, wipe clean, caulk everything, and seal the grout.  THEN I get to clean my mess and shower window, and remove the buckets to the garage. My kiddo has a special friend leaving to go to Florida and live on Saturday. I’m sad for her heart. 😢 Mom’s want to wipe away tears, but she helped paint and clean things because she sees me struggling while I’m completely falling apart, and missed last night’s chance to visit her friend……an hour away. Torn between house stuff or not needing her to help so she can go. So much still to do. Tedious projects. I’ve never been so tired in all my life!!! Barely eating. Collapsing by 10:30PM. I need superhuman strength!! Lord, take this cup from me!!!! But for now, it’s 3:00AM, I should try to sleep again.