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  • Someone that needs a lot of love is only a problem for you if you can’t keep up.
  •  Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.    ~Jane Austen
  •  Sometimes I feel like I’m waiting for something that will never happen.
  •  The best feeling in the world is to finally know how it feels to be in love; The worst feeling is knowing they will never love you back.
  •  It’s not the fact you lied to me, its not that you don’t care… it’s knowing I was used and knowing I will never get back all the time I spent thinking about you.
  •  Sometimes all you ever want is someone to want and need you as much as you want and need them.
  •  If men were as good at relationships as they are at lying…us women would have nothing to complain about!!!
  •  I’m mature enough to forgive you, BUT not dumb enough to trust you.
  •  We don’t talk anymore. And you know what the saddest part is? We used to talk everyday.
  •  I’ve learned that no matter how much I care, some people are just assholes.
  •  Perhaps love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself. (Shanny)
  •  Liars are always ready to take oaths.
  •  Trusting someone allows you to be open with them and let them in to my life.
  •  If you wish to be a leader, yet have no followers, you are simply taking a walk.
  •  Id rather make a thousand mistakes than never do anything at all.  What will be my next mistake? …   It is a fool who looks for logic within the chambers of the human heart.
  •  Success, experience & quality of your love depends on what you give others (are they nurturing your past).
  •  It is but a shadow and thought that you love.  I cannot give you what you seek.  (Lord of the Rings).
  •  I dreamed I was dying and my heart stopped.  You saved my life by piercing my heart with an arrow of your love… (Wendy Poole)
  •  Why is love such a sorrowful thing, this I never could understand; passion and pain are linked together, ever I find them hand in hand. (Laurence Hope from “The Complete Love Lyrics”).
  • Friendship requires obligation to maintain.  If you have to think about it, then all it is, is a waste of good grey matter.     Matt Ryder 2003
  •  Yes; but you will be the same to me, because we have met in Eternity, and there our intimacy was formed.       ~Nathaniel Hawthorne
  •  Forgiveness liberates the soul and removes fear. 
  •  Time passes when you’re not looking.
  • On the nights you are not with me, I feel deformed and detached.
  •  Anxious before we’ve spoken, anxious after we have. 
  • With the crown of thorns I wear, why should I be bothered with a prick like you?  ~ Dorothy Parker 


The world is my theater, I am the writer, and my friends and family are my audience. Where you sit is determined by your presence in my life. Causal or committed to friendship? Not all relationships are perfect, many are toxic and shallow, even “random.” Who is in your theater, front and center and why?

If you don’t have “time” for me, I don’t have time for you either.  If  you set the pace, I will follow.  So if it bites you in the ass later, don’t blame me because it wasn’t to your advantage or life got ahead of you.  It’s simple….you make time for the things and people you love.  A phone call, lunch, texting, a letter, hanging out, road trips, etc.  Is ANYONE or ANYTHING so important they forget the people in the audience or is there only one-act to the play?  No refunds, no sell out shows.  If you are a no-show, it’s your own fault the show went on without you.


Speechless as a young girl

You caught my eye in a single glance

It was a stroke of sheer luck

When you came into my world

The most memorable summer of my life

……are you the one?

Ever with you throughout the years

Near or far, at sea or on land

You were always present in my heart

The one I always adored

Crossing paths randomly it seems

Over the course of 32 years

……are you the one?

I have loved you unfailingly, since day one

No matter the course we each took in life

My heart never skipped a beat

When I thought of you or heard your voice

You excite and arouse my senses today

Every time, as if we’d just met

You are my oxygen and breath

……are you the one?

I pray alongside you for a plan for “us”

To reunite this flame that’s constant

While you have always been “here”

Forever without you is where I am

Eternally together is where I need you

No more detours or road blocks

……are you the one?

I am here

Come to me

Be mine

My truest love

My First Love

The One

…….I know what this means.

©Wendy Poole 


For My True Love

Standing on the edge of time remembering those yesterdays,

Often coming back to you and the deep friendship that I still cannot explain.

Out of touch for such a long while,

Jumping for joy at finally finding you again, after all these years. 

Knowing our lives are with others, not wanting to cross my own lines,

Regretting having allowed myself to let you go.

Did intimacy create fear or was it distance that wouldn’t allow us to explore this bond realistically?

I’m committed to never allowing circumstance from keeping our special friendship alive.

Learning to feel your joys, saddened that I’d missed them,

But excited for your tomorrows.

You are the gleaming in my eyes, my childhood sweetheart and very precious to me.

You have but to trust me in time of need and call and I’ll be there near or far.

I’m here for you from not until forever, without hesitation or guilt.

And I thank you fr caring enough to let me hold on to memories of you,



And future.

© Wendy Poole


For G.M.K.

Gripped in fear I come to you

Searching for longing words of love once spoken from your lips

Doubt and fear removed

Through tears of pain

I am lost in the echoes of your voice

We choose to love

We choose to hurt

We choose to forgive

I have received neither from you

This ache grows in my heart

And the hole swallows my life alive

I have bore and felt this pain before

From one I have loved

We learn to let go and move on

Avoidance beckons

Calling us to let go

Seemingly easier said than done

The steps

The path

Daily broken in our attempts

Finding true love

Is a risk we take out of hope and surprise

Reality looms

© Wendy Poole


For Shanny

Tears are so dumb…..

Songs reverberate



For so long inside

An Imaginary




Revived in a voice


Caught up

Missing you

All over again

For naught

Tears crash

For you



Forever longing

Never forgotten

It was always you

For me





In my tears

© Wendy Poole


For My True Love

I matter. My feelings matter. My things matter. My life matters. I am not a doormat or an object made of stone. I truly wonder when someone will care about ME out of pure love and NOT out of obligation or association to me. I have learned to live my life doing for everyone else while I wait silently for someone to give a shit about me and care about what matters to me. Who will go out of their way for me!??

Did someone help me financially, no, I never ask.  Did someone take care of me when I lost my nailbeds, no, I never asked.  Did someone come to visit JUST to see me without an agenda for themselves, no, they never do.  Did someone ask me to join them in an activity  because they are my friend, no, they never do.  Did someone call to see how my day went……no.  Loneliness and frustration go hand in hand.  I’d rather be alone that be wanted around only when someone has their own agenda to fill. I prefer to be around my friends because I like them and enjoy their company, even if all we do is have a cracker or a piece of bread.  I can be happy doing the smallest of things, together with those that I care for.  Making a glass of tea or baking their favorite snack.  Treating others with the decency that I would like shown toward me shouldn’t be made into an argument. 

I have learned so much about love through all the losses I have suffered in my lifetime, but it is rarely shown to me directly without motive for themselves.  What happened to “loving your neighbor as yourself” amongst friends and family?

Timex:  It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.  I am not a Timex.  I am tired of being treated with disrespect.  My own mother made me feel as if I didn’t matter, because I went to live with my father at age 12 and was never really truly forgiven for hurting her this way.  Did I feel unloved?  Yes.  Did I try to find the love that was missing?  All the time.  

I am not perfect and I make mistakes too.  I do know one thing.  I matter!  My feelings matter! My things matter! My life matters!  Maybe one day, I will matter to someone the way I matter to me…… has been a long 13 years having bouts of “mattering” but nothing real or lasting.  I just want to matter…one day…everyday…for no reason at all except for being me.

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