Death can leave a loss

An empty hole in your heart

Stripped of trust, constant longing

Deliberate in my search

Limited in my capacity

While searching for love

Believing eternally it’s lost

Making its periodic appearance

Seemingly momentarily found

Only to be stripped again frustrated in my attempts

Still a sliver of hope

Is all that is needed

To let you find me here

Patiently longing, eternally believing

Love is never truly lost

It can surprise you and sneak up

To catch you in its arms

Strong and firm, unconditional and complete

Pure and trusting, honest and peaceful

You understand me and my lost heart

Amidst your own loss

I’ve discovered in you

What has always been in me

The one thing I longed for

Is the simplicity of FULL love

For a lifetime together

Lost found me

Loving you finding me

It is the best dream come true

A reality found in a dream

Soul mates across time

Patterned together

For this singular moment

To be found

No longer lost

Because of you

I am found.

©Wendy Poole


For Shahnaz