Love, it comes and goes

Sometimes it lingers

On the tip of your tongue in an argument

Yet we are quick to say exactly how we feel

Lost in the confusion of love tormented in a moment

Hopelessly lost, love missing the mark

When the hurt subsides, regret fills the heart

Tears burn the eyes and skin like an acid bath

The nose tingles and burns

The throat locks up and you can’t breathe

The body trembles in anger at self

What to do

Hopelessly lost, what just happened

Take it back, rewind the clock

Looking for a trigger to revive the beating in the heart

Too late, all is lost, he said so

Death welcomes me to it’s open arms

Pain seems to beckon and entice

Emptiness prevails in loneliness

Being human seems a waste

Hopelessly lost in living

To go down this path again

Robbed of the peace he’d brought

It felt so real inside

I longed to love this way forever

The right one came to me

Leaving me in a moment

                Hopelessly lost again

Breathless living I was alive

Joyful and happy he’s found me

My value inside

Hurt by the same person

Confused, crying and trembling

Love bitch slapped me again

                Hopelessly lost to it

Another day

To try to make it through

Without him

Why bother again

Torn, I can’t move or breathe

                Hopelessly lost, alone

My Prince-My Romeo-My True Love.

Goodbye is so eternal and unforgiving.

In love with him forever

Second to only one

                Hopelessly lost in his heart

He was my life

He was my joy

He was my Prince

He was my everything

He was love

He was my death

                Hopelessly lost from me

©Wendy Poole

For Shahnaz Amin Baba