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In a land far away

You came to me

Like a thief in the night

Taunting me with your goodness and love

Tossing me to and fro with hope

Purpose again for intense joy

Lives, two, intertwined in words

Thoughts and realities coming alive inside

Forcing down the madness of it

This cosmic connection in our minds

Yet here we are wanting more

Throwing caution to the wind

Unrestrained from the jeers of others

Afraid of nothing, I hunger for more

The you inside me giving me purpose

Wrapped around my heart tightly

In this gift of love

To feel this power just for a moment

Sustains and strengthens me

For near or far

There is always purpose

For fate to intervene in magical love

It just exists

To find us

©Wendy Poole


For Gaganjot Lamba


Has time ever stood still for you?

I recall a place where it spun around me,

Tossing me in every direction.

Not knowing if I was coming or going.

So much to do and accomplish,

Never knowing where to begin.

As time goes on, others touch your life.

Some greater than others.

Friendships blossom into love

 and even without the preparation,

it is gaining momentum.

Adding to the never-ending hurricane that life seems to be. 

You just want to stop and get off.

Slow things down to a pace you’re familiar with.

Knowing sadly, others will be hurt in your plight.

But it’s then you can breathe and relax best, and let go.

That moment, when time stood still.

© Wendy Poole


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

To feel the bliss of being cared about…

to be somebodies….

in the world full of anybodies and nobodies……..

to let go of restrictions or conditions,

to completely feel eachother and freely express ourselves in the great abyss…..

no, it is deeper than an abyss.

Let me drown here.

From Gaganjot Lamba to WendyPoole

(last 2 lines added by her.)


I dreamed I was dying and my heart stopped. 

You saved my life by piercing my heart with an arrow of your love…

© Wendy Poole

March 2004

When Loves sonnets run dry

My hearts faster beating fades

The melting blood found in lover’s hatred

While the moon cries over groaning pains

This unquenched love disappears

Nevermore, nevermore……………

© Wendy Poole


The ashes of death comfort my soul

Silent words fill the air

Can there be solace in loving you

There is no one there……

You smote me with your promises

They are echos to my soul

I long to feel your touch on my heart

There is no one there….

Bathing in sorrow my tears flow

Tragedy knocks on the door

You realize it’s time to love me

There is no one there….

To leave this life an empty waste

My cries unheard for years

A memory forgotten too late to care

There is no one there.

© Wendy Poole 


Confused in the clarity of the reality that is my life of seemingly endless pains

Creeping near the door of distress and shutting out the joy in an instant

The frustration congregating around the blood vessels of my soul and it sucks the life from me

I reach out for you and feel the warmth of your cold heart and listen to its deadening beats

I cannot understand why you are so close yet so far away from everything I had imagined

Slice the pain from my heart over and over again like the cancer that it is

Love’s toxic weed is only death that has banished me to this isolation of you

Missing and wanting to die at the touch of freeing myself from this loneliness craved death

Perhaps it’s the only thing I will ever be good enough for

© Wendy Poole 4-12-2007

Into the mystery of who you are

Lies the signs yet to be revealed.

Ever changing as the mystery unfolds

In silence I can but watch,

To wait and see what I may discover.

When I reach a crossroad of confusion

I contemplate where to turn,

Back to once where I came,

Standing before me again a mystery.

As I turn around and again,

See the mystery unfolding.

It’s then that I realize,

You are a mystery that

Has no beginning or an end

Not to be solved in the present

But re-created continually

As your life unfolds around me.

I am but a whisper on your breath,

A song in your heart for a time

To add to the mystery of

Who you are inside.

 An undiscovered soul of souls

To remain so long as time exists.

© Wendy Poole


Waiting for you all my life is what I’ve done.

A constant yearning to be loved with the fullness you give.

Breaking the loneliness inside my heart these years.

You touch me in ways even I cannot comprehend.

Will you walk beside me, or stand and hold me up?

As our lives grow ever changing towards better things.

No longer a fantasy, but reality has come alive.

Embarking on the unknown direction in which joy takes us.

If you will promise to be faithful, honest and true,

The life we will share from this moment on

Will break hearts and astound,

And may be bittersweet.

But we both know it is what you and I need.

I’ll love you forever, if you’ll let me stay,

In your heart.

Never will I hunger or thirst for love.

For I have found the well of love

That pours from your heart.

 © Wendy Poole


Can you feel me loving you

Inside your empty, hollow heart?

Can you see I can feel your pain?

When I’m there trying to fill the void.

I feel it beat softly as it aches.

For a love so full it cannot even see.

It’s there in you, given by me.

Take my love, let it bury your past,

Bringing you alive, let me be your last

That comes to show you

Love that’s true.

Forever I’ll stay, because

I Love You.

© Wendy Poole


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