Christi1544492_207542986107735_170802648_nanity.  Not just a cliché title or simplistic belief in Christ.  It keeps me in check.  A bible.  To some it means nothing, just another book sitting on a shelf while we think that because we’re spiritual or religious, or “good, sweet, kind people,” is enough.  How little we do as a whole to actually follow Christ.  What’s usually missing, what separates the wheat from the chaff as so-called “Christians” is that our words should take action in our lives.  We should have a relationship with Christ!  Not just give lip service.  How much of your life is centered around Christ, as a Christian?  Are we accepted as Christians as much as we try to accept what’s become “normal” in society like the Caitlins?  What’s your cause?  You can’t have one foot in the world and the other in Christ and be carnal minded just making excuses.  When’s the last time you HELD a bible, opened it, read it, prayed with your family or friends, studied the word, had a bible study, took notes in a journal, had convictions about your actions in life?  Do you spend more time watching TV or doing other things and barely have time to actually BE a “Christian.”  I have been a Christian my entire life, since I said the sinners prayer at age 7.  I’ve been involved in church, retreats, home groups, weekly ministry studies, Christian  based family retreats,  volunteering, Women’s ministries, raised my children to love Jesus, regularly took them to church and Sunday School, I was in Awanas as a child, I try to practice what I preach.  I have convictions and have had crappy days and YEARS of sinfulness and falling away, like the rest of the world.  My ability to overcome is purely because of my belief and faith in God and Jesus Christ that God loves me, not just lip service to the world.  I love rock music, alcohol now and then, and I have potty mouth, but at least I’m not a poser.  I’m honest about it.  Being a Christian has certain responsibilities.  It’s not just a cliché title.  I am not ashamed to say I love God.  I quote scripture, I read God’s word, and I study.  I judge by the actions of others as scripture says.  If that makes me a Holy Roller, bible  thumper or a freak, then I am.  It’s not easy living a Christ centered life, AT ALL. But, I still take up my cross daily for Christ, because He loves me true.  We all have vices or demons we struggle with.  Including Christians, because we see sin in the world
more, I think.  Stronger convictions.  Either way, I’m grateful for  God’s love, mercy, and His words.