The curve of his lips

The waves in his hair

The freckle on his ear

The beer in his hand

When I watch him across the room

It’s so hard not to stare

In amazement at this perfect man.

Cute as a button,

I‘m checkin out his tan

Look at his ass

He’s definitely a man.

Give him a gun

Watch him fire it with precision

Ask for a hand, and it’s gladly given.

Fish with him for sport, arouse his senses

I’d climb mountains to just spend time with him.

Unappreciated yet willing to settle

For less than the best of someone’s full attention

Curse this desire I have to please him

Make it go away

Let my mind be free of him starting today

Wonder endlessly of his everything to me

Rest comfortably knowing I cared

For this man who is a rare gem in life.

He was imagination fulfilled

Of good character and strength is he

Sadly on the shallow side, that’s just not for me

We all have our vices to deal with when dating

Of this I am certain there is no mistaking

He is looking for something different than me

Illusion fades and sadness encompasses me

He can’t see my beauty within

To experience that which I feel toward him

Together with someone

To actually finally win

In time he will see what he’s lost with me

But a very special place he will forever hold in my heart

For capturing my soul, stirring it alive

Fire reborn every time I look at his eyes

His movements, his stance

The curves in his arms

I can’t breathe every time I hear his voice

Just another guy, rolls right off his shoulder

Giving so little credit, it’s definitely in order

Cry in silence for he knows me not

Give him the world

He deserves it the most

Bittersweet knowledge in knowing this man

Endlessly searching for my heart again.

Can you know you love someone and still be ok

Not today says my heart, not today