Rising river of rapids swallowing my breath

There is a storm in the distance

Echoing a familiar pain about to strike

Like a fierce wind that catches you off guard

Slamming you to the ground, broken, and shattered

The sunlight came for a moment

You were my moment

In the haze of each new day, I felt you

The warmth of your soul brought a new hope

Then your fire raged and tore through everything good

Leaving a charred wreckage of ash and destruction

Not only scarred, but obliterated

The land is barren with inescapable hurt

Somehow, the turbulence in life will dissipate

But not before

Eliminating all light inside me

All will become but a memory

Of the sunny storm cloud

That was an electrifying lightning strike

Called you.


For Feroz Ahamad Ganie