Marriage?!? Interesting thought. I consider myself a Christian, but don’t discount other religions. Islam in particular since I know many Muslims. I can’t say I have run into many other religions that take their beliefs as seriously as a Muslim does.  I see the similarities and differences between me and them.   Clearly we both love a higher power.  Christians refer to that entity as God and Muslims as Allah.  The love is the same.   I have experienced it through them at times.  Would I convert for marriage or support my Christian status? I don’t know if that is an option.  Do I leave MY God for a MUSLIM MAN’s particular beliefs?  Why would it matter really to do so or not?  Is it necessary……if you love one another? Just curious….

Have other Christians done so?  What is the success rate?  Why don’t Muslims become Christians instead?  Where is love if all these rules dictate life, when all of it comes from BOOKS or it is what is drilled into our heads over and over again, day in and day out.  What about what the heart says and knows…what about intuition?  Why is it necessary to convert at all?  What does a woman give up in the process if her decision is to convert?  Rumor has it Muslims slap women around and are abusive toward them.  I have only experienced good things from the two muslim men I have dated and many more that I have cared for deeply.  There is a commitment on their part to express love toward others, more so than I have EVER seen in a Christian man or an American man for that matter.  Is it best to give up on love and go at life alone forever, or consider the possibilities elsewhere?  So many questions.  So much to learn.  Statistics to research.  Facts to examine.  Much to pray about.  What I see is a love of God. Call Him God, call Him Allah, why does it matter if you love HIM.  God has many names. 

Many of my friends will read this and cringe.  My family may flip out.  My Christian friends will judge me.  Those that judge me do so without cause.  I love mankind.  God commands us to love one another.  I just don’t feel this is all inclusive of my faith alone or to a particular “religion.”   If I burn in hell for it and ask questions, then I hope one day, as I stand before God….he will softly tell me if I was wrong.  In the meantime, unless I have been personally hurt by someone of another faith, that bashes my creator, I have no reason to believe love between faiths isn’t a possibility. 

After all, God IS love and love is the greatest gift. 

Don’t be haters.  Hate has no place in a heart filled with love.  Examine your own opinions.