Through my rose colored glasses I see hope

Hope for change at a better life

One full of love and passion

Surrounded by friends and family

A lifetime of joy

Having found a special friend in you

Not sure what I see at all initially

Your approach is off, rigid and abrasive

There is no comfort found in this banter

You were on my last nerve

I thought I was up for the challenge

We begin to travel mindlessly in conversation

One trying to outdo the other

Getting to know you better

Trekking past the driving distance that separates

Uniting our thoughts together now in laughter

Reaching a point of comfort and a bond

Able to share the wonder of it

Close to each other, mind and soul

I try to avoid the doubts

Better than a physical union

You have become my dearest friend

Part of the beating in my heart

Part of the hope

Seen through my rose colored glasses

Through the driving distance

You found me


©Wendy Poole  10.10.11

For: Mohsin Khan