Like the sound of a horn about to blow

I hear it in my head like thunder clapping

Ricocheting like a bullet from a gun.

No end in sight,

From the hollow words

That rolled off your lips like vinegar,

On a hot summer day leaving me parched.

Sickening delusions stealing my smile

Burying me in an acid filled coma of silence.

A long overdue picture reel in slow motion,

Wrenching my insides out

Because I was your clueless fool blindly lost.

Did I just hear those words?

Go to hell, they hurt like it.

Our shared moments across time

That you never realized were mine to treasure

All lost in the few words spoken.

Your obligatory apology unheard

In the drowning tears

Of silent resonance in

My silly mistake of loving you…….



©Wendy Poole