Speechless as a young girl

You caught my eye in a single glance

It was a stroke of sheer luck

When you came into my world

The most memorable summer of my life

……are you the one?

Ever with you throughout the years

Near or far, at sea or on land

You were always present in my heart

The one I always adored

Crossing paths randomly it seems

Over the course of 32 years

……are you the one?

I have loved you unfailingly, since day one

No matter the course we each took in life

My heart never skipped a beat

When I thought of you or heard your voice

You excite and arouse my senses today

Every time, as if we’d just met

You are my oxygen and breath

……are you the one?

I pray alongside you for a plan for “us”

To reunite this flame that’s constant

While you have always been “here”

Forever without you is where I am

Eternally together is where I need you

No more detours or road blocks

……are you the one?

I am here

Come to me

Be mine

My truest love

My First Love

The One

…….I know what this means.

©Wendy Poole 


For My True Love