Standing on the edge of time remembering those yesterdays,

Often coming back to you and the deep friendship that I still cannot explain.

Out of touch for such a long while,

Jumping for joy at finally finding you again, after all these years. 

Knowing our lives are with others, not wanting to cross my own lines,

Regretting having allowed myself to let you go.

Did intimacy create fear or was it distance that wouldn’t allow us to explore this bond realistically?

I’m committed to never allowing circumstance from keeping our special friendship alive.

Learning to feel your joys, saddened that I’d missed them,

But excited for your tomorrows.

You are the gleaming in my eyes, my childhood sweetheart and very precious to me.

You have but to trust me in time of need and call and I’ll be there near or far.

I’m here for you from not until forever, without hesitation or guilt.

And I thank you fr caring enough to let me hold on to memories of you,



And future.

© Wendy Poole


For G.M.K.