In a land far away

You came to me

Like a thief in the night

Taunting me with your goodness and love

Tossing me to and fro with hope

Purpose again for intense joy

Lives, two, intertwined in words

Thoughts and realities coming alive inside

Forcing down the madness of it

This cosmic connection in our minds

Yet here we are wanting more

Throwing caution to the wind

Unrestrained from the jeers of others

Afraid of nothing, I hunger for more

The you inside me giving me purpose

Wrapped around my heart tightly

In this gift of love

To feel this power just for a moment

Sustains and strengthens me

For near or far

There is always purpose

For fate to intervene in magical love

It just exists

To find us

©Wendy Poole


For Gaganjot Lamba