Waiting for you all my life is what I’ve done.

A constant yearning to be loved with the fullness you give.

Breaking the loneliness inside my heart these years.

You touch me in ways even I cannot comprehend.

Will you walk beside me, or stand and hold me up?

As our lives grow ever changing towards better things.

No longer a fantasy, but reality has come alive.

Embarking on the unknown direction in which joy takes us.

If you will promise to be faithful, honest and true,

The life we will share from this moment on

Will break hearts and astound,

And may be bittersweet.

But we both know it is what you and I need.

I’ll love you forever, if you’ll let me stay,

In your heart.

Never will I hunger or thirst for love.

For I have found the well of love

That pours from your heart.

 © Wendy Poole