Enthralled in all the wonder of the life that is you

Happy just to hear your voice say hello to me

Like a butterfly with new wings, fluttering in the air

Understanding the direction by senses alone as my guide

Feeling as if I am running full force at the plate glass window

Seeing you standing on the other side like a mirage

Wanting to get a closer look

Feeling the excitement all around me

Constantly asking myself if this can even be real

Amazed more and more because I see your heart

Each word spoken reveals it to me, tenderly

Completely gasping with excitement for you

Stomach in a knot

Nervously giggling it away hoping you won’t notice

Hoping I won’t disappoint you

Butterflies in my tummy trying to escape

You are the net waiting to catch them

Caress and care for them

Like the fragile winged creature

I float on…….

 ©Wendy Poole  1-7-2007