When will it end this lonely solitude?

In and out of the day ever moving onward.

As I struggle to put away pieces of our past

Now in a reality that I want to forget.

Agony overwhelms as I choke back another tear.

Two hearts once were one, left now is one, all alone.

In my strength I can carry on,

For I know, in time again I will love

Beyond what even now only I comprehend.

Settling for nothing less.

I will make this journey and wait my turn.

A day waits for me, as does this new life

When another will make his entrance

Into this maze of emptiness to fill my soul,

Finding me there helping me grow.

Loneliness now gone, and now what flourishes

Goes beyond even the depth of the love I already know.


© Wendy Poole 7-6-1998